All American keeps full circle rolling, get your samsung chromebook today

We often get calls from other recycling companies asking if we will take on large projects, our answer is always, where and when. All American Recycling will be at your service when ever you call. for instance >>

>>The Boston College student dorms were getting new energy saving fridges, so All American Recycling had the privilege of recycling every refrigerator out of there dorms totaling over 680 in total, that was one job that took 2- 1/2 months to complete, but it got done!

   What we enjoy the most is getting calls from high school students, the Boy Scouts and Cities and Towns asking questions about having an event for there specific reason.


When that old AC or Dehumidifier stops working, don't store it away...bring it to A.A.R., we will make sure it is recycled properly, including recycling the Freon, that's what we do. 


  1. BELOW...These  fine Model 3 Chromebooks by Samsung WORK LIKE NEW.  Perfect for the  household budget with small growing children, older kids with a primary  school online workload and many others whose online requirements are few  but essential - and for whom THE PRICE IS RIGHT!
  2. Unit comes  complete with the built-in Chrome Operating System and Web Browser by  Google.  Power Supply and Wall Cord are also included in the bundle.   (The Tilt Stand used in photos is NOT included with your purchase.)( GO TO all american recycling eBay to purchase)